Suspicious Activity Tracker

The Suspicious Activity Tracker is a tool used by Near West Safety to help police better identify where and when to direct investigations regarding certain concerns. It is designed to collect information that occurs regularly in your area, which gives officers and detectives an idea of how best to pursue investigations. The first option downloads the document, with an instruction page. The instructions are very simple, and if you have any questions can be directed sent directly to Chad Biggers at  or through our contact page. The second button is for the blank sheets by themselves. If you do not need the instructions, are in need of additional sheets, or have used the tracker before, feel free to download this. The trackers in the two documents are exactly the same, we just wanted to provide on option for those who do not want to print out the instructions. 

The Suspicious Activity Tracker should be used for repeat issues, or issues that happen over a period of time, such as a nearby house that may be selling drugs. Use the tracker to record the people or vehicles that come and go, so that the Second District will have a more complete picture of what they are investigating. This form is not, and should not be used as, a replacement for filing a police report. ALWAYS FILE A POLICE REPORT.

Completed trackers can be scanned in and sent to, with a description of what the tracker is for.