Tremont Community Safety Programs and Services


Tremont West, and the residents of Tremont, Duck Island, and Irishtown Bend care deeply about community safety. We take pride in how connected our community is. Most of our programs are based on responding to community needs and requests. This means this page will often change, so please make sure to check back often to see if there are any new offerings!


Tremont Speaks is a new safety initiative to find out what can be done in the neighborhood to make the community safer! Find more information here!


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Tremont West Safety Committee Meetings

The Tremont West Safety Committee meets on the Second Wednesday of the month at the Tremont West office. These meetings are open to community members, and we strongly encourage anyone who wants to be involved to attend these meetings! If you want more information about them, feel free to reach out any time. While these meetings are not a program or service in the traditional sense of the words, they are one way that Tremont West encourages participation from the community in addressing community safety issues. In addition to discussing any current safety concerns, the Safety Committee also plans and executes the Living Well in Lincoln Park event and receives regular updates form the Community Safety Organizer, the Second District police, and the Prosecutor's office. Hope to see you there!


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Living Well in Lincoln Park

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Every year Tremont West, in partnership with ArcelorMittal and the Cleveland Police Department, hosts Living Well in Lincoln Park, formerly the Tremont Health and Safety Fest. This year was the first year that the event was called Living Well in Lincoln Park. We had nearly 40 organizations represented, providing safety and wellness information ranging from yoga classes and Lacrosse lessons, to MetroHealth and other organizations. Next year the event will happen again in June. Stay tuned for more information!


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Neighbor Mediation

In an effort to promote community, Tremont West will work with neighbors to address quality of life concerns. If you and your neighbors are having issues resolving complaints like loud noises or other quality of life issues, feel free to contact us and we will work to mediate the problems. In the event of criminal nuisances, we can also work with your neighbors and the Second District to resolve the issues.  Mediation can happen anonymously, through the efforts of Tremont West organizers and the Community Safety Organizer. If you would prefer, we can also facilitate meetings of neighbors to address these issues face to face.


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Court Watch

Tremont West partners with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors office to engage in court watch. Court Watch is a method of community organizing that advocates for justice and to keep violent criminals off the street. When crimes that have a major impact on the community are committed, Tremont West will follow the court case and recruit community members to advocate for certain outcomes during court sentencing. This includes writing community impact letters and attending sentancing hearings to demonstrate the impact of the crimes on the community.


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Tremont West Development believes that strong communication is at the core of community safety. Tremont West uses multiple methods to communicate with the neighborhood regarding safety.

Monthly E-Newsletters:  Chad Biggers, our Community Safety Organizer, has started monthly e-newsletters that contain updates regarding community safety issues, helpful links, and safety tips for everyone in the neighborhood. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Quarterly Community Meetings: Tremont West, in partnership with the Ward 3 Councilman’s office, is conducting quarterly community meetings to help keep the community informed, as well as to hear what the community’s concerns are. The dates and locations for 2019 will be announced as soon as possible. In the past, these meetings have had a focus on safety, and while safety will still be a top priority, these meetings will address a variety of community concerns.


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