TremontWest, in partnership with funding ArcelorMittal, announced the beginning of a new and exciting progect: Tremont Speaks! Tremont Speaks is what is known as a participatory budgeting project. In short, TremontWest has received funding to address your biggest safety concerns, and we need your help! While processes like these are all different, Tremont Speaks will consist of three phases.




Phase I: Ideas

Tremont, Duck Island, and Irishtown Bend residents have great ideas for creating a safer and more connected neighborhood. Two Idea Summits will be held in the community to learn more about the Tremont Speaks process and to envision what a safe community looks like. These visions will help residents across the neighborhood come together and create ideas for community based projects that will make Tremont, Duck Island, and Irishtown Bend a safe and connected community.

Phase II: Proposals and Voting

After the Idea Summits, participants will be given time to flesh out their ideas and develop functional plans that can be submitted. These proposals will be shared online and many places across the neighborhood so that everyone can have the opportunity to see and learn about them.

In the final week of Phase II, residents 14 and older will be invited and encouraged to vote on the projects they believe will have the biggest impact. There will be voting locations across the neighborhood at different points in time to make sure EVERYONE who wants to vote will have the opportunity.

Phase III: Implementation

The final phase is the Implementation of the winning projects. The projects will be funded based on the number of votes and the cost of the project. We will fund as many projects as we have the funds available. TremontWest will take the lead on working with the residents to make these projects a reality.



There are two Idea Summits happening this month! The first is on July 13th and the second is on July 27th. Both happen from noon to 2 pm, and both will be held at the South Branch library on Scranton. You only have to attend one of them, but are welcome to attend both.