Four Components to a Safe Community: PICK

Hello Near West Side residents, visitors, and stakeholders.

I am often asked what makes a safe community and what guides the work I do. The answers to both questions are the same. In general, the residents and communities I serve guide my work. They come to me with concerns, and I find ways to address them to the best of my ability. Fortunately, I have many partners here at Near West Safety, most of whom are able to support the initiatives we put forward. However, there is another set of guidelines that I follow for the work of building a safe Near West Side, and that is the four components that make a safe community. These components have been selected by looking at the concerns of residents, finding their commonalities, and distilling them down to their basic elements. In short, a safe community is one that is Prepared, Informed, Connected, and Knowledgeable. Each of these pieces work together to create a community that is resilient, able to handle any disaster, emergency, or incident that is thrown at them. In the coming weeks, I will be further exploring what exactly comprises each of these areas, so stay tuned!